About Us

Apollo Personal Data Bank (APDB) is a company engaged in WILL writing and storing personal confidential/secret data (WILLS) in our database and on our server on-to satellite and clients’data electronic card.

Apollo Personal Data Bank stores our client’s WILL, WILL recorded Videos, and documents that we treat the client’s data (WILL) as private and confidential data. The client’s data card operates in our Company’s electronic machines only and has personal security code.


Apollo Personal Data Bank was initiated after an in-depth research of WILLS left by hardworking people. Conclusively, the research found several widows and biological children suffering after the death of their parents due to unscrupulous executors of the wills for example – relatives, business partners, friends left by the decedent. The WILLS were found to be altered. Therefore Apollo Personal Data Bank is the indelible solution.

Some of the client’s secret data to be put on the card {not limited to}: client’s name, addresses (physical, postal tel no.), place of origin, tribe, client’s children, wife/wives/husbands/beneficiary and others. How the client wants his/her properties distributed properly and where they are located. Accounts in different banks, shares in different companies and
mortgages. Amount of money he/ she owes and owed to/by whom. Your heir, the executor[s] of the WILL, the guardian[s] of your children, the person he/ she would like to take anything he/she has forgotten. Any condition he/she would like to impose and others.

When adding new data after a time, like inclusion of new babies, wives, divorce of husband/wife, newly acquired properties, indicating the solved properties and others are added free of charge on the data card. After the death of the client, a death certificate is presented to Apollo Personal Data Bank who first verifies it and then takes necessary steps to read or avail the WILL to the family and relevant people.

Our vision is to set the standard of excellence among Personal WILL Databank Storage Providers by being innovative, private and confidential, providing the right support and service for our clients, exceeding their expectations with regards to their WILLS. We ensure the client’s WILL is properly executed by the executors. We will attract and retain the very best employees to help us achieve this goal.

Apollo Personal Data Bank Ltd, is an independent Personal WILL Databank Company committed to the principles of service, integrity and professionalism while providing our clients valued WILLS protection with an advanced technology in Africa and Global in general . We provide security and protection for our clients’ data (WILLS) and we remain flexible and innovative so we are able to address the changing needs of our clients.

Our Values

  • We listen. We weigh all sides. We are prudent.
  • We are dependable and steady.
  • Tech-Savvy.We are efficient. Effective. Easy to do business with.
  • To communicate. To respond. To solve.
  • We challenge. We adapt. We bend, never break.